EDN Faucet

EDN Faucet


EDN Faucet is developed to receive the ERC-20 Token, EDN, on Ropsten, an Ethereum Testnet.

The URL for the faucet is https://faucet.edenchain.io/

The UI displays two main features: an input box for account address and a button to execute the transfer.

The faucet is programmed with responsive web design, so it renders well on a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets and (desktops).

When executing commands, EDN faucet sends messages from Infura, an Ethereum node, and communicates with Ethereum networks via web3.py and JPRC.

Web3 is an API for dApp developers provided by Ethereum. It is a collection of libraries which allow you to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node, using an HTTP, WebSocket or IPC connection.

Web3 was initially developed in JavaScript (web.js). Later, a python version was created (web3.py).

EDN Faucet was developed in python and uses web3.py.

Below links are documents related to web3.py.


Python 3.7.3

Django 2.2 Framework

BootStrap 4.3.1

jquery 3.3.1


web3.py, ethtoken

Main features

You can receive up to 100 EDNs(ERC-20 token) when you enter your Ethereum address in the inbox.

The EDNs are given once a day per IP address. If multiple Ethereum addresses share one IP address, then tokens are given only once.

You can receive more EDNs after 24 hours.

EDN(Edenchain) contract address in Ropsten is 0x7Dfc9AB6f39f2162c13acF660107203889c8113e.

EDN sender’s address is 0x9dfABef6EBAC54B8B97195e3a5388F5279f637D1.

Ropsten is an Ethereum testnet. Given the characteristic as a testnet, Ropsten undergoes recurring maintenance and reset.

You can check your transaction at https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x9dfABef6EBAC54B8B97195e3a5388F5279f637D1 when you experience errors.