TheEdenChainSDK is a library that allows blockchain developers to useEdenChaineasily. It is provided in the form of JavaScript and Python to be used in the Client. The EdenChain SDK currently only provides a user-interface and provides blockchain account creation and access with the necessary interfaces for simple use.

The following is intendedto explain the environment settings and sample programs for the SDK and to provideaSDK reference guide.


The SDK provides Javascript in npm, and Python in Pip.

We will support other languages later.

The Eden Chain Network will be available in three versions: Beta Release, Candidate Release, and General Release. Currently, released SDKs provide an interface for the Beta Release.

In fact, they both provide the same interface internally, but you can easily change the network through the initialization settings in the SDK.


Other network selections will be updated to suit each schedule, and the SDK will be deployed with additional features for each network.

The version to be supported differs for each version of the SDK. Therefore, developers should use it with caution.

Version Information

Less than 0.4.x     →    Beta Release Network supported version

From 0.5.0    →    Candidate Release Network supported version

1.x.x.  or more   →   General Release Network supported version

Development Environment Information

  1. Javascript

Node v10 or more

Npm v6.9 or more

Supported Platform : Windows, MacOS, Linux

  1. Python

Supporting Python3

Supported Platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Features Provided by Beta Release SDK

Wallet creation by Edenchain sign up

Wallet access by Edenchain sign in

Edenchain balance

Edenchain user information

My Edenchain transaction information

Add Ethereum address in my Edenchain account

Delete Ethereum address from my Edechain account

Ethereum ERC20 EDN Token Deposit to Edenchain

Ethereum ERC20 EDN Token Withdraw from EdenChain

We are providing this function first and add more functions according to the Candidate Release.