Wallet Sequence Diagram

Wallet Sequence Diagram

ASequence diagram is a useful tool to study howasystem works fromtheprocess’ viewpoint. Itshows theexact processesand order of the processeswhen a function is being triggered.

AWallet’s sequence diagram is composed ofeightsequences such as importing, creating wallet and so on.

  • Importing EDN wallet

  • Creating EDN wallet

  • TEDN Deposit

  • TEDN Withdrawal

  • Pin Code Creation

  • Adding EDN by KeyberSwap

  • Adding EDN by IDEX

  • EDN Transfer

Each sequence diagram for the corresponding functionshow theinteraction among wallet componentswithin thesequence. So it is a good starting point to develop an understanding of how Eden’s wallet works.

Importing EDN Wallet

The sequence diagram shows the process required to import or restore an EDN wallet.


Creating EDN Wallet

Thediagramexplains the steps foranEDN wallet creation. It is based on BIP 39, the process starts with seed phrase.


TEDN Deposit

This process is relatively complex because it deals with EDN/TEDN exchange behind the scene. TEDN deposit is only allowed by EDN to TEDN exchange.


TEDN Withdrawal

TEDN withdrawal takes place only inasuper node,ahyper node is supposed to have anchoring data.


Pin Code Creation

For better usability, Eden’s wallet encouragesusersto use pincodesinstead ofpasswords.


Adding EDN through KyberSwap

Userscan convert ETH to EDN through kyberswap.


Adding EDN by IDEX

ETH to EDN is also possible through IDEX.


EDN Transfer

At this moment, EDN isanERC20 token so EDNtransfers needto access Ethereum. The sequencediagramexplains this process.