EIAM Data Encryption


The DataStore used by EIAM guarantees security and service by Google.

In the case of storing data in plain text, it is to prevent users in the Eden chain to see or steal important data.

EUser Schema

The entity that has user information in the current DataStore is EUser, and the Schema of EUser is as follows.






At this time, since tedn_private_key is base64 (private_key), the part where encryption is required in each field is tedn_private_key.


When encrypting a private key, the corresponding value can be used later for signing, so do not use Hash and perform encryption using common Symmetric Encryption. At this time, AES-256 is used.

The encryption key is generated through the next two-step KDF.

KDF1 = SHA256(all contents of service account json file)

KDF1 should be executed before starting. The returned value is a hex string.

KDF2 = SHA256(email | Tag-String | KDF1)

KDF2 is used for each user so that different values ​​are displayed even for the same contents. This value is returned in Raw bytes. Tag-String can be changed to anything later.

Since AES has a block size of 128 bits and the private key is longer than that, so the encryption is performed through CBC, and the IV is defined as the last 16 bytes of SHA256 (email).